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No Equipment Needed

The exercises in the Fat Girl Fitness Plan are body weight only.  This is a safe approach to any beginner exercise program. This also takes away any excuses since no equipment is needed.

Easy to Start

The first exercise is 5 minutes!! The Fat Girl Fitness Plan meets you where you are today. The plan is easy to start and it’s easy to maintain. So many exercise plans leave you frustrated and you eventually quit. The Fat Girl Fitness Plan will take your hand and stay with you for each step you take. Your success is our success.


The Fat Girl Fitness Plan is safe. One of the exciting feelings you experience when you start an exercise program is feeling stronger. You can feel your strength and conditioning improve with each week’s exercise. The workouts slowly progress each week so it’s a very safe workout.

Bonus Items

The Fat Girl Fitness Plan also includes additional Bonus Items including

Get Started Guide

Nutrition Guide

Weight Loss Secrets presentation

Guided Meditation

Personal Trainer interview

Dr Davis is a board certified Internal Medicine physician. She has a life long love of preventive medicine. As she learns new information that can help prevent disease and promote health and wellness, she presents that knowledge to you.

Her philosphy is the more empowered, educated and informed you are about your health, the better an advocate you can be for you and your family. 

Obesity and its health consequences is an epidemic!!  You do not have to be its victim. You can help yourself. There is still time.

 Join the Fat Girl Fitness Plan family today!!

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The Fat Girl Fitness Plan Includes…

12 Weeks of Safe Easy Progressive Exercises

Nutrition Guide

Guided Meditation

Personal Trainer Interview

Weight Loss Secrets Presentation

Only $99.99 per year !!!!!